Vikki Pengilly

Vikki has been training horses for over 15 years and her natural talent has led her to become one of Wales best up and coming riders.

Having competed to PSG, won the talent spotting finals and trained in Germany under some of the worlds best trainers she is able to bring out the best of every horse.


With guidance from Carl Hester, Ferdi Eilberg, Paul Fielder and Rudolf Zeilinger she has become an expert rider and trainer to the very highest levels. Her passion for perfection and her very high standards allow you to get the very best level of expertise for both you and your horse.


VIKKI PENGILLY upcoming clinics: Usually last Tuesday of the month  
To book text Tracey Gifford on 07966 311809 or pm her.


Charlie Hutton

Charlie lessons are fun and imaginative for all riders, all horses, with all abilities. You are welcome to come and watch.
Charlie competes at Young Rider international and Grand Prix. Charlie also assists Pammy Hutton with her clinics nationally and internationally and trains with Pammy and Jonny Hilberath. In 2009 Charlie won the team Gold and Individual Silver medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.


CHARLIE HUTTON Clinics usually the first Wednesday of the month.
To book call or text Silvia on 07967 867561


Sharon Clinch

Sharon Clinch listed British Dressage Judge, registered Instructor and holder of the UKCC level 3 Coaching Qualification has judged for almost 20 years. 'I have had the privilege of judging some of the worlds best riders such as William Fox-Pitt, Matt Frost, Andrew Nicolson, Zara Phillips and Mary King.

Dressage continues to be an amazing and intriguing sport and I want to use my continuing knowledge to feed into the grass roots where it is so important. My priority is to find and enhance the strengths of each horse and rider whilst demonstrating what the judge needs to see'.


Straightness Training workshop with Elaine Coxon

Straightness training consists of a series of gymnastic exercises for the horse in which it learns to stretch, to tense and to relax its muscles. This makes the horse fit, supple, strong and muscular so it can carry the rider more easily. Straightness training during dressage makes the horse symmetrical in body and limbs. It also develops the horse’s balance and divides the weight equally over all four legs. By straightening the horse, we enable it to carry the rider properly. Also, well thought through gymnastic exercises keep the horse fit as a riding horse until old age.


As a rider you will be receiving private, face to face tuition with your own horse. We’ll put the theory of ST into practice and we’ll address the issues that you bring. After the workshop you’ll have the information and confidence you need to continue independently at home As a spectator you will inspired by the practical sessions where you will see ST with horse and rider combinations being coached through the process. Whether you are just starting off on your ST journey, or wanting to progress – this workshop will be able to help you move towards your dreams.


Lessons are £50/hr + £20 school hire (£10 Stockland livery) and spectator £20. 

Straightness upcoming clinics:  
To book email
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